Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery, AAA, 4 Pack (L92BP/SBP-4),Size: small

Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery, AAA, 4 Pack (L92BP/SBP-4),Size: small


SKU: 9470201741854663


Unleash these multifunction lithium AAA batteries to power a wide range of household electronics. Superior leak resistance and a 20-year shelf life make these Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries ideal for keeping in storage, and the lightweight desi.AAA batteries power a variety of handheld electronics, gadgets, and alarms.Lithium technology for ultimate power.Not rechargeable.These general-purpose batteries are perfect for cameras and other small devices.Safety Data Sheet.Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries provide long-lasting power, even in extreme temperatures..
The Energizer lithium AAA batteries, 4/Pack has all the power you need in a set of AAA batteries. Energizer batteries keep going in your electronics longer than you’d expect for such compact power cells. They are designed to be safe in your camera,


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